Johnstown, Ohio
Dale & Laurie Cannister started Cannister Motorsports
in Clinton, Pennsylvania in 1996 and moved to
Johnstown, Ohio in 2004.  They have grown from
being purely a racing venture to being a full-blown
machining, welding, and fabricating shop.  Their
projects have been as large as building and
reconstructing complete drag racing cars, to as small
as machining and fabricating one-off parts.

Cannister Motorsports' specialties include CAD design
and CNC machining, as well as aluminum and steel
welding and  fabricating.  As you tour the website,
you'll see the items Cannister Motorsports currently
offers and there are plans to increase that number as
soon as new projects surface.
Dale & Laurie Cannister feel fortunate to be among the few
couples in professional drag racing to achieve the level of
success they have in a relatively short period of time.  
They have 16 IHRA National Event wins with 2 IHRA World
Championships--one in Pro Outlaw in 2000, and the other
in Alcohol Funny Car in 2008.  Also, while working with
other teams, they added an additional 3 IHRA National
Event wins to their resume.

Other Cannister Motorsports successes include:
1999 IHRA Pro Rookie of the Year
2008 IHRA Pro Driver of the Year
A nomination for the 2008 IHRA Pro Crew Chief of the Year

Best Engineered, Best Appearing, and Best of Show were
also among the accomplishments over the past 15 years
in drag racing.
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